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Avkin exists to impart healthcare learners the chance to stretch themselves to the edge of their ability and learn from both their successes and failures.

It seeks to understand gaps in the learning experience, strives to adapt to the changing demands of healthcare delivery, and focuses on the Knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of any healthcare profession. These are accomplished with a multipronged approach based on four tenets; Build, Train, Create and Wear.

Consultation from Avkin’s education team has helped schools build their own sustainable, budget-friendly SP program. Avkin also trains SPs and simulation faculty in best practice standards, incorporating SP feedback in debriefing, ensuring learning objectives are met and confidence is built. Either with the Simulation Subscription Library or custom-designed virtual telehealth simulations, Avkin has a complete package, ready to use. Finally, Avkin produces lifelike wearable devices based on human physiology, which allow learners to fully immerse themselves in the learning experiences.

Avkin has consistently been recognized for innovation in the healthcare simulation field. Its prototype of the Avtrach, a tracheostomy simulator, won the First Place Technology and Innovation Award from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, leading to Avkin’s founding. It’s been recognized as a Best University Startup by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer, and even won a Golden Stethoscope award from a Shark Tank Edition of the Dr. Oz show. Avkin’s CEO Amy Cowperthwait won the inaugural Hayden Vanguard Award from the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning for moving the field of simulation education forward in a meaningful way.

Change is a constant in the healthcare field; for instance, CPR guidelines have changed tremendously in the past twenty years. Between changes in recommended treatment, updates to the NCLEX, and even a pandemic upending healthcare education, Avkin has stayed in the trenches with our education partners. Through it all, Avkin has remained committed to quality, lifelike simulations, even when others offered cookie-cutter solutions.

Our ongoing mission is to identify all gaps in the learning experience, to continue helping educators adapt to the changing healthcare field, and to provide more learning opportunities of fundamental skills. We will accomplish this in many ways.

Avkin exists to impart healthcare learners the chance to learn from both their successes and failures. This will always be our goal.

If you would like to talk with us about how we can help your program grow and evolve, please book a meeting.

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