Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

SP Training Debrief

It’s not always smooth sailing when building or running a simulation program. To help you address issues you may be facing, we are sharing some Frequently Asked Questions we receive, and our advice for these situations and concerns. If you have a question you would like to ask, fill out our Ask Avkin form! Why … Read more

Avkin Turns to the Experts to Create and Develop the Avwound


When developing a product, we reach out to professionals and educators to ensure that our products are needed and will address the needs of healthcare educators. To develop the Avwound, Avkin worked with Tina Holden, an RN for six years who has worked specifically with wound care for the past year and a half. Adding … Read more

Simulations that Stick

Abstract Simulated Participants (SPs), also known as Standardized Patients, prove more effective and provide reality that is difficult to achieve with high-fidelity human patient simulator mannequins. In a study comparing the efficacy of human patient simulator mannequins and SPs, the authors found the scenarios using SPs yielded better results in several areas.  In the article … Read more