Avwound – Woundcare Reimagined

A learner cleans the Avwound simulator.

Pressure ulcers and other open wounds are costly medical conditions, in terms of both healthcare expenses and patient wellbeing. According to the National Institutes of Health, Medicare cost estimates for acute and chronic wound treatments ranged from $28.1 billion to $96.8 billion. From an economic point of view, the annual wound care products market is … Read more

Avkin Turns to the Experts to Create and Develop the Avwound


When developing a product, we reach out to professionals and educators to ensure that our products are needed and will address the needs of healthcare educators. To develop the Avwound, Avkin worked with Tina Holden, an RN for six years who has worked specifically with wound care for the past year and a half. Adding … Read more

New Chest Tube Simulator Most Lifelike on the Market

The Avthor lets learners practice many facets of caring for chest tubes.

Newport, Del. – Avkin’s newest wearable, the Avthor, is a comprehensive chest tube simulator designed to provide learners as true to life a simulation as possible. It’s the latest in Avkin’s developing line of high-fidelity wearable simulators. With a standardized patient wearing the device during simulation, students will practice the movement of the patient and … Read more

Avcath transforms catheterization training

The Avcath provides realistic genitalia and urine flow.

Newport, DE – Avkin’s newest wearable device, the Avcath, brings true-to-life simulation to healthcare learners everywhere. Catheterization is a skill every nurse must learn, but it is difficult to practice given the sensitive nature of the procedure. With the Avcath, educators can create realistic, but safe environments to master these skills. The Avcath comes with … Read more

Avtone is the highest fidelity product in the auscultation simulator market

The Avtone provides realistic heart and lung sounds.

Newport, DE – The Avtone is Avkin’s entry into the auscultation market. Identifying deviation from typical heart and lung sounds is a vital skill for healthcare professionals of all levels. It’s one of the basic assessments used to ensure a patient is not in immediate danger. It is critical for healthcare providers to accurately identify … Read more

Has the Academic-Practice Gap Turned to a Chasm?

It's critical nursing students gain confidence in their ability to perform.

What both academia and practice can do to keep new graduates from tripping over the welcome mat. It is well documented that new graduate nurses experience significant amounts of stress and psychological turmoil as they transition from academic learning to their new professional practice. Greenway, Butt, & Walthall (2019) defines the Theory-Practice Gap as “The … Read more

Why we give SP feedback in the third person

It's critical nursing students gain confidence in their ability to perform.

When teaching on Simulated Participant (SP) Feedback, we are often asked why we teach SPs to give feedback in the third person. An example of using the third person in feedback is starting each comment with “the patient felt…” or “Sarah felt…,” rather than using I-statements. By starting each comment in this manner, it removes … Read more

An Essential Guide to Hospital Simulation

Hospital Simulation

For years, it’s been an open secret that a gap exists between the skills healthcare providers need to have and the academic preparation they received. While healthcare simulation is still quite young, it has evolved significantly in a short time and is an excellent tool for closing the preparation-practice gap. While it may seem insurmountable, … Read more

A New Frontier For Virtual Simulation

Virtual Simulations Similar to many industries, the pandemic has sent academic institutions offering undergraduate and graduate health professions education into a tailspin (Sklar, 2020). While companies like Amazon, Zoom, and 3M were accelerating their production and outputs in Spring 2020, most of the economy shuttered their business to flatten the curve. Most academic institutions sent … Read more

Freeze Frame & Virtual Simulated Participants

Freeze Frame Introduction Avkin’s Virtual Simulated Participant (SP) Solution is an opportunity to have students learn in a virtual capacity with live interactions. Our Standardized Patients are trained to portray various patients to bring your simulations to life. Avkin’s virtual offering emphasizes the debriefing process and getting one-on-one feedback from the patient. While there are … Read more