A New Frontier For Virtual Simulation

Virtual Simulations Similar to many industries, the pandemic has sent academic institutions offering undergraduate and graduate health professions education into a tailspin (Sklar, 2020). While companies like Amazon, Zoom, and 3M were accelerating their production and outputs in Spring 2020, most of the economy shuttered their business to flatten the curve. Most academic institutions sent … Read more

Freeze Frame & Virtual Simulated Participants

Freeze Frame Introduction Avkin’s Virtual Simulated Participant (SP) Solution is an opportunity to have students learn in a virtual capacity with live interactions. Our Standardized Patients are trained to portray various patients to bring your simulations to life. Avkin’s virtual offering emphasizes the debriefing process and getting one-on-one feedback from the patient. While there are … Read more

Why Do Nurses Make Good Entrepreneurs?

Making the decision to start a business is not to be taken lightly. Like most nurses, I will always embrace the concept of lifelong learning. Taking that with me into the next phase of my professional career, I needed to know if I had what it took to be an entrepreneur. For the past year … Read more

Moulage Made Simple

Creating realistic moulage can seem like a daunting task that will break the budget.  This is a detailed tutorial on doing a compound fracture.  1. Start with tissues and rip them into the size you want the injury you will need 20-25 peices of tissue. 2. Lay the tissue onto clean skin. Take the liquid … Read more

Simulations on Location

University of Delaware has been taking their simulations “on location” in hopes of creating the highest fidelity possible with live people in an authentic location. Healthcare Theater and UD1 began their partnership in 2017. CPat Lombardi wrote simulations for his Ems students to receive training and healthcare theater provided the patients and family members. Interested … Read more

Simulations that Stick

Abstract Simulated Participants (SPs), also known as Standardized Patients, prove more effective and provide reality that is difficult to achieve with high-fidelity human patient simulator mannequins. In a study comparing the efficacy of human patient simulator mannequins and SPs, the authors found the scenarios using SPs yielded better results in several areas.  In the article … Read more

6 Tips For Getting Starting With Simulated Participants

This blog post is in reference to University of Delawares Healthcare Theater course. It is a 3 credit course to utilize college students to play patients and family members. These tips can apply to all simulated participant programs. Step 1: Look For Your Champion Find the ying to your yang! You can’t do this alone you need … Read more