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Quality training is the most important element of working with live people in simulations. An untrained simulated participant (SP) can challenge the efficacy of your learning opportunities. A well-trained simulated participant (SP) can bring your simulations to life in ways you never thought possible. With all of this in mind, training an entire group of SPs can be time-consuming and feel intimidating.

Avkin eliminates any confusion by providing top training from the experts in SP simulation.

Who should receive this training?

According to standards of best practice, any live person in simulation must be trained. If you have not received any formalized training on being a simulated participant, then this program was designed for you.

Certification Focus


Maintaining the same level of difficulty throughout the simulation.


The importance of being on time and prepared for simulation.


Direct, accurate, and quality feedback- after the simulation.

Simulation History

The background and important key principles of simulation.



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DISCLAIMER: This content was filmed at the University of Delaware. We would like to thank UD and its students for participating. 


Megan will guide you through the 5 lessons of what it takes to be a simulated participant. This course was designed to turn novices into confident professionals who are ready to participate in simulation. Each lesson will provide insightful PowerPoints, full simulation videos, and quizzes to ensure you are ready for simulation.

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