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Avkin’s goal has always been to create high-quality products and services to faithfully replicate what healthcare professions students will encounter at the bedside. Our customer-centered approach allows us to build personal relationships and advance in our goal of preparing the next generation of healthcare workers through high-fidelity simulation.

If you’re passionate about healthcare simulation or interested in joining our team and launching your healthcare simulation career, apply below!

In 2021, Avkin received the Women Business Enterprise Certification.

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Remote - US

Be part of the future of healthcare education. Avkin is disrupting the traditional/out-of-date/20th Century manikin simulation education market. Avkin was founded by an Emergency Room Nurse and Educator who identified that manikins were not fit for the future of healthcare education. New graduates were entering clinical practice without the competence, confidence, and communication skills necessary to provide first-rate patient care. And that was putting patients at risk. Avkin's innovations and services are pushing the bar forward to reduce patient suffering in healthcare through simulation education. We imagine, create, and refine teaching modalities that incorporate simulated participants (live patient actors) and wearable technology to create the most realistic healthcare scenarios for learners to master therapeutic communication, empathy, psychomotor skills, and critical thinking. Manikins simply can't deliver this. We are the most ambitious company in the industry looking to disrupt the status quo (manikin training) and are looking for a determined, committed, ambitious, energetic, and motivated Solutions Consultant to propel our Solutions Team to the next level of growth. This is a full-time position and we are looking for an individual who is interested in growing with the company and being part of the Avkin family.   What You Will Be Doing:
  1. $45-50k base salary, $600k prorated quota (2021), 3-5% commission (additional $18k-30k), bonuses offered for above and beyond quota, 6 month - 1 year anticipated ramp uptime
  2. Selling Consulting Services and Simulation products/technologies to existing and net new customers; Dean’s, Chief Nursing Officers, Directors of Simulation at Nursing Colleges, Universities, and Hospitals - leveraging the impressive results and outcomes achieved by our customer base of leading educators.
  3. 60% in-bound, 40% prospecting, we prefer someone whose strength is prospecting
  4. Communication methods include personalized emails, sequenced/cadence emails, connected phone calls, Zoom meetings, and on-site meetings. This is not a cold-calling sales department but prospecting via other methods is expected.
  5. Candidate should be open to molding their communication style to the latest research and sales psychology
  6. Travel includes National Conferences, select Regional Conferences, Avkin specific workshops within the territory, and approved on-site meetings
  7. Nurture relationships with state and local simulation organizations (California Simulation Alliance, Arizona Simulation Network etc.)
  8. The candidate should have an innovative mindset and contribute ideas for Sales and Marketing processes to further Avkin’s mission
  9. Proficient at data entry and data analysis to optimize CRM (Hubspot) and external communication
  10. Remote Work covering WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, Western Canada territory or CA, NV, UT, CO, AZ, HI, AK territory.
What You Need for this Position:
  •  The intent and confidence to be viewed as a Trusted Advisor by our customers
  • Healthcare sales experience (not pharma or clinical) and/or Hospitality sales experience
  • The ability to adapt and contribute ideas to a close-knit, driven, company culture
  • Excellent psychological communication skills/willingness to adapt communication style
  • This is a remote position, you must be self-motivated, reliable, and complete a 40hr+ work week
  • High attention to detail in data entry and analysis   

    What's In It for You?

  • $45,000-50,000 base salary + $18k-$30k+ commission (based on $600k annual quota for year 1), uncapped commission, bonus available
  • Tax-deferred 401k (no match at this time)
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • 3 Weeks (15 Days) of PTO accrues over the first year, annually accruing an extra 2 days per full year of service up to 30 days maximum
  • Up to 4 Weeks Paid Maternity/Paternity leave after 3 full years of employment
  • Avkin is committed to your professional growth. We have robust partnerships to give you all of the talent, skills, and abilities to do your job with excellence. Additionally, Avkin prides itself on hiring top talent and supporting their growth within the company. When you feel valued and supported, Avkin wins!



A Standardized Patient (SP) is an actor who authentically portrays a character for the benefit of training healthcare students in empathy and communication. This position will provide sporadic hours for the SP. Some weeks may have more hours than others. SPs can expect 5 - 20 hours per month. As our program grows the amount of hours will grow but it does depend on our contracts with institutions. Our high times are Sept-Nov and Feb-April. Summer and winter are our low times. SP’s have the right to refuse any hours but once they have confirmed hours they are expected to attend. Last minute cancellations can result in the termination of the contract with Avkin. What is the purpose of this role? As an SP, you will be allowing the healthcare student to interact with diverse people of culture, affliction, and temperament. You will be given different character descriptions (roles) to perform for simulations. At the end of simulations, you will provide feedback to the healthcare learners. Responsibilities of the position: ● To perform (improv conversation) on zoom for different healthcare students ● Professional Engagement: You will need to be in close communication with the SP Coordinator to ensure your schedule is up to date and accurate. ● Knowledge of character that has been assigned for simulation. ● Professional communication with healthcare learners and faculty members from institutions. ● Knowledge on feedback after simulation, training will be provided. Pay: 20$ an hour includes training, simulation hours, and any last-minute cancellations from the institution.

More information can be found in our policy and procedure manual. If interested this document can be provided.



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Avtrach, a high-fidelity, wearable tracheostomy simulator, is designed to replicate an anterior thorax so tracheostomy care and suctioning can be authentically replicated in simulation. Through a Bluetooth connection between Avtrach and the Avkin app, an assortment of lung sounds can be changed at any time by the educator from the control room. These lungs allow for the Avtrach to be connected to a ventilator and the patient to be in line with suctioning.

Wearable Tracheostomy Simulator

Avwound, a high-fidelity, wearable wound care simulator, is the most significant technological advancement for wound care in the industry. Learners can assess, measure, document, and provide care for all four stages of pressure wounds in addition to an assortment of surgical wounds providing educators with maximum flexibility for wound care education.

Wearable Wound Care Simulator

Meant to replace the need for including bulky ineffective earpieces in simulation, Avband, is a smartwatch look-a-like for inconspicuous 3-way communication between the control room, patient, and Avkin simulators. An alert button on the side of the product allows the live patient to send a panic notification to the control room if they feel psychologically and/or physically unsafe at any time during the simulation.

Simulated Participant Cueing Device

With the world’s only fully-automated, wearable birthing simulator, Avbirth, you can now include learning objectives such as closed-looped communication with an interprofessional team and therapeutic communication with the patient and their significant other through all phases of labor and delivery. Avbirth pairs with the Avkin App, allowing a multitude of simulations to be performed, including additional challenges for the development of critical thinking, such as shoulder dystocia or postpartum hemorrhage.

Simulated Birthing Device

Avcath, a high-fidelity, wearable urinary catheterization simulator, seamlessly replicates the human urinary system. The interchangeable male (circumcised or uncircumcised) and female genitalia allows learners to practice various types of urinary catheterization while also practicing essential communication skills. Our genitalia is made with high-quality silicone, allowing learners to use betadine and lubrication right out of their kits.

Wearable Urinary Catheterization Simulator

Avline, a wearable central line simulator, delivers a high-fidelity patient experience for a multitude of central venous care (CVC) simulations. This innovative simulator has two options for central venous treatment and care, a right subclavian triple lumen or a left subclavian implanted port; each option is removable, allowing the educator flexibility with learning outcomes.

Wearable Central Line Simulator

Avstick, a wearable IV simulator worn as a left-arm sleeve, allows learners to practice high-fidelity IV insertion during simulation. The wearable simulator cues the live patient wearing the sleeve through haptic vibration when the needle first pierces the smart skin. Multiple layers of woven plastic have been integrated into premium silicone to protect the wearer from any harm during the simulation.

Wearable IV Simulator

Avtone, the world’s only wearable auscultation simulator, offers a compact and lightweight design, comfortable for the live patient to wear. An anatomically correct chest piece allows novice and advanced students to identify proper landmarks just as they would in the clinical setting. Volume controls allow learners and educators to pinpoint the finer details of the actual patient recorded sounds contained within the Avtone.

Wearable Auscultation Simulator

Avthor, a wearable chest tube care simulator, replicates the intrathoracic pressures needed to realistically teach the assessment and care of a patient with a chest tube. When pairing the Avthor with a live patient, the simulation can include repositioning, transferring, and/or ambulating a patient with a chest tube.

Wearable Chest Tube Care Simulator

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KBPort's BPSim is a blood pressure cuff simulator. Used just like any other blood pressure cuff, the readings are controlled via a smartphone app. It can be programmed for any blood pressure range, including hypotension, normal, pre-hypertension, hypertension (stages 1 & 2), and hypertensive crisis.


Getting accurate vital signs is critical when assessing a patient. With Innov2Learn's Thermometer and Oximeter devices, your learners will use real devices to capture and record simulated readings. No longer will you have to break fidelity to provide vital signs to your learners

Innov2Learn Pulse OX

Quality training is the most important element of working with live people in simulations. An untrained simulated participant (SP) can challenge the efficacy of your learning opportunities. A well-trained simulated participant (SP) can bring your simulations to life in ways you never thought possible. With all of this in mind, training an entire group of SPs can be time-consuming and feel intimidating.


Innov2Learn's training devices function the same as any thermometer or oximeter you would find in a clinic. Your learners will take vital signs using real devices with readouts you control via Bluetooth. You can use a smartphone app or desktop computer.

Innov2Learn Thermometer

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