Avkin adds more realism to healthcare simulation


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The new Avband is a 21st-century solution to simulated participants (SPs) going off script. No longer are simulationists stuck behind the glass; now they can have more control over their simulations, ensuring SPs stay on track, and important information can be shared without interrupting medical simulations.

While working with SPs (actors portraying patients) produces superior results, actors are humans who can sometimes veer off the plan for their character and the interaction. When this happens, learning objectives may not be met and the student does not receive the helpful experience they expect from their institutions. These varied outcomes also negatively impact patient safety once the affected learner enters the workforce.

The Avband allows for discrete, closed-loop communication between the simulation faculty and the SP. Any time the staff needs to signal the SP, they can use a mobile device to send messages in the form of vibrations and LED lights. Different colors can be used, allowing educators to send differing signals. The watch itself comes with a button, so the SP can discreetly contact the simulation professionals; alerting them to potentially unsafe conditions or other important messages.

The latest device in Avkin’s long line of products, the Avband adds to Avkin’s dedication to producing life-like learning environments for future healthcare workers. To learn more about the Avband, visit https://avkin.com/avband/.


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Founded in 2016 as a spinout company from the University of Delaware, Avkin was created by Amy Cowperthwait, a nursing simulationist. Frustrated with traditional simulation marketing, she founded Avkin to create high-fidelity wearables and educational services. These are designed to bring healthcare simulations to life thereby maximizing educational outcomes for learners of all skill levels. We currently offer seven wearable devices, as well as training for faculty, staff and actors portraying patients. Avkin’s unique products and philosophy have earned it national attention, with awards including industry leader INACSL’s Haden VanGuard Lectureship Award, Best University Startup by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer, and even an appearance with Damon John on the Dr. Oz Show.

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