New Wound Care Simulator Aims To Reduce Hospital Complications and Costs

The Avwound can replicate all four stages of wound development.

Newport, Delaware – Avwound is the latest product in Avkin’s line of high-fidelity wearable simulators. With blanching, tunneling, and realistic drainage for the learner to simulate, the Avwound covers many aspects of wound care. Pressure ulcers and open wounds are some of the top medical issues impacting healthcare. It’s vital that they are treated quickly … Read more

New Chest Tube Simulator Is the Most Lifelike on the Market

The Avthor lets learners practice many facets of caring for chest tubes.

Newport, Del. – Avkin’s newest wearable, Avthor, is a comprehensive chest tube simulator designed to provide learners with as true-to-life a simulation as possible. It’s the latest in Avkin’s developing line of high-fidelity wearable simulators. With a standardized patient wearing the device during simulation, students will practice the movement of the patient and practice communication … Read more

Avcath Transforms Catheterization Training

The Avcath provides realistic genitalia and urine flow.

Newport, DE – Avkin’s newest wearable device, Avcath, brings true-to-life catheterization training to healthcare learners everywhere. Catheterization is a skill every nurse must learn, but it is difficult to practice given the sensitive nature of the procedure. With Avcath, educators can create realistic, but safe environments to master these skills. The Avcath comes with both … Read more

Avtone, the Highest-Fidelity, Wearable Auscultation Simulator.

The Avtone provides realistic heart and lung sounds.

Newport, DE – Avtone is Avkin’s entry into the auscultation market. This wearable auscultation simulator allows healthcare professionals students of all levels to Identify deviations from typical heart and lung sounds. It’s one of the basic assessments used to ensure a patient is not in immediate danger. It is critical for healthcare providers to accurately … Read more

Avline Helps Healthcare Instructors Train Crucial Skill

The Avline lets learners practice central line care in a safe environment.

Newport, DE – Avkin’s newest device, Avline, brings central line simulation to life. Central line care is vital to the continued health and recovery of patients suffering from cancer, infection, or other serious illness. These lines allow for chemotherapy and nutrition without needing to continuously start new IV lines. With the Avline wearable device, learners … Read more

Avstick Creates Safe Learning Environment To Train IV Skills

Avstick's versatility allows it to be used in all kinds of scenarios

Newport, DE – A new tool is available for healthcare learners to practice valuable IV skills in a safe, life-like environment. The Avstick, designed to be worn by an actor portraying a patient, gives a realistic blood return and a lifelike experience for the learner. This tool allows learners to practice critical blood draw and … Read more

Avtrach by Avkin Revolutionizes Nursing Education

Wearable Tracheostomy Simulator

Newport, DE – Avtrach, a high-fidelity, wearable tracheostomy simulator, is now available for hospitals and educational programs. Designed to be worn by a live actor, Avtrach allows learners to practice the full nursing experience, rather than a skill check on a lifeless manikin. Tracheostomy care is a critical skill for healthcare providers to master. Often, … Read more