Avstick creates safe learning environment to train IV starts and blood draws

Avstick's versatility allows it to be used in all kinds of scenarios

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Newport, DE – A new tool is available for healthcare learners to practice valuable skills in a safe, life-like environment. The Avstick, designed to be worn by an actor portraying a patient, gives a realistic blood return and a lifelike experience for the learner.

This tool allows learners to practice critical blood draw and infusion skills. Smart skin technology provides haptic feedback, so the wearer knows when and how to react to the blood draw. The high-grade silicone allows learners to use the same products they would on an actual patient; it won’t degrade and adds to the immersion experience.

Created with simulation professionals in mind, the Avstick is easy to clean and reset for reduced turnaround time. Unlike other IV training tools, a zipper system makes it easy to replace the simulated veins, and the antimicrobial simulated blood prevents mold growth in the system.

The Avstick continues Avkin’s dedication to creating a life-like but safe learning environment for future healthcare providers. Combining hard technical skills with the soft human-focused skills required to care for patients, the Avstick will maximize learning outcomes for any program choosing to implement it.

For more information on the Avstick, and to see a video demonstration, please visit https://avkin.com/avstick-iv-simulator/.


Garret Walton – [email protected]

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Founded in 2016 as a spinout company from the University of Delaware, Avkin was created by Amy Cowperthwait, a nursing simulationist. Frustrated with traditional simulation marketing, she founded Avkin to create high-fidelity wearables and educational services. These are designed to bring healthcare simulations to life thereby maximizing educational outcomes for learners of all skill levels. We currently offer six wearable devices, as well as training for faculty, staff and actors portraying patients. Avkin’s unique products and philosophy have earned it national attention, with awards including industry leader INACSL’s Haden VanGuard Lectureship Award, Best University Startup by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer, and even an appearance with Damon John on the Dr. Oz Show.

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