Avtone is the highest fidelity product in the auscultation simulator market

The Avtone provides realistic heart and lung sounds.

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Newport, DE – The Avtone is Avkin’s entry into the auscultation market. Identifying deviation from typical heart and lung sounds is a vital skill for healthcare professionals of all levels. It’s one of the basic assessments used to ensure a patient is not in immediate danger. It is critical for healthcare providers to accurately identify the sounds they are hearing and the kind of distress they can indicate.

The Avtone is compact and lightweight, making it easy to wear and easy to take from the clinic to the classroom. Speakers play real patient heart and lung sounds so learners gain a realistic, simulated learning experience. Students use their own stethoscope to identify landmarks and assess standardized patients in real-time. The ability to control the simulator with the free Avkin App, connected via BlueTooth, offers simulation lab leaders the ability to take full advantage of this wearable simulation technology.

To see a video demonstration or to learn more about the Avtone, please visit https://avkin.com/avtone-heart-lung-simulator/.


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Founded in 2016 as a spinout company from the University of Delaware, Avkin was created by Amy Cowperthwait, a nursing simulationist. Frustrated with traditional simulation marketing, she founded Avkin to create high-fidelity wearables and educational services. These are designed to bring healthcare simulations to life thereby maximizing educational outcomes for learners of all skill levels. We currently offer six wearable devices, as well as training for faculty, staff and actors portraying patients. Avkin’s unique products and philosophy have earned it national attention, with awards including industry leader INACSL’s Haden VanGuard Lectureship Award, Best University Startup by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer, and even an appearance with Damon John on the Dr. Oz Show.

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