Through the use of convenient zippers, replacing the veins has never been easier. In addition, both large and small veins are included for different levels of learners.

Smart Skin

Avkin`s Smart Skin technology ensures the longevity of your product. Additionally, the wearer can react to the insertion without even looking because the Smart Skin provides accurate cues.


    3 Skin Tone Offerings


    Avkin`s antimicrobial simulated blood offers realistic flashbacks and ensures the passageways stay clean and sanitary throughout the product`s lifetime.

    Pressure Gauge

    A low-pressure technology ensures natural blood flow, providing lifelike flashback and phlebotomy practice. This custom bag can be worn, attached to a bed, stretcher, or IV pole.

    Intravenous Simulation Redefined

    For learners looking for the most realistic IV trainer, the Avstick is the solution. The Avstick leaves no trace after needle insertion with Smart Skin technology, offering a realistic puncture on the first stick and every stick thereafter. With the patent-pending circulating system, users will experience the highest fidelity simulation, including flashes upon insertion and realistic reactions from standardized patients. In addition, the Avstick offers easy vein replacement, mold-resistant blood, and easy transportability – allowing the simulation lab to be an ambulance, classroom, or outdoors.

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