Through the use of convenient zippers, replacing the veins has never been easier! Small or Large veins included, depending on the level of learner.


Avkin’s patented smart skin technology ensure the longevity of your product. When a needle goes through the skin, the wearer receives a haptic vibration on their arm.


    3 Skin Tone Offerings


    Avkin’s antimicrobial “blood” offers realistic flashback while ensuring that passageways stay clean and sanitary throughout the lifetime of the product.

    Pressure Gauge

    Avkin’s pressurized system ensures realistic circulation providing realistic flash. The convenient bag can be worn or attached to a stretcher.

    Intravenous Simulation Redefined

    For learners looking for the most realistic IV trainer, the Avstick is the solution. With Smart Skin technology, the Avstick leaves no trace after needle insertion, offering a realistic puncture on the first stick, and every stick thereafter. With the patent-pending circulating system, users are able to experience the highest fidelity simulation, including flashes upon insertion, and realistic reactions from standardized patients. The Avstick offers easy vein replacement, mold-resistant blood, and easy transportability- allowing the simulation lab to be an ambulance, classroom, or outdoors.

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