Through the use of convenient zippers, replacing the veins has never been easier. In addition, both large and small veins are included for different levels of learners.

Smart Skin

Avkin`s Smart Skin technology ensures the longevity of your product. Additionally, the wearer can react to the insertion without even looking because the Smart Skin provides accurate cues.


    3 Skin Tone Offerings


    Avkin`s antimicrobial simulated blood offers realistic flashbacks and ensures the passageways stay clean and sanitary throughout the product`s lifetime.

    Pressure Gauge

    A low-pressure technology ensures natural blood flow, providing lifelike flashback and phlebotomy practice. This custom bag can be worn, attached to a bed, stretcher, or IV pole.

    Intravenous Simulation Redefined

    A wearable simulator worn as a left-arm sleeve allows learners to practice high-fidelity IV insertion during simulation. Our smart skin technology allows learners to visualize and palpate unblemished skin even after 10,000 needle insertions. A pressure-based circulatory system mimics the human body allowing for a realistic flash after the learner has correctly cannulated the vein. The wearable simulator cues the live patient wearing the sleeve through haptic vibration when the needle first pierces the smart skin. Multiple layers of woven plastic have been integrated into premium silicone to protect the wearer from any harm during the simulation.

    The Avstick includes Avkin’s anti-microbial blood and two vein sizes (normal or large). Quickly and easily replace the veins using the zippers on the sleeve, allowing the educator to spend minimal time setting up. This simulator can be used in different simulation settings such as an ambulance, classroom, outdoors, or a traditional hospital room. 

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    See the AVSTICK in Action

    DISCLAIMER: This content was filmed at the University of Delaware. We would like to thank UD and its students for participating.