AvEncounter is the first high fidelity telesimulation product offered on the market. With AvEncounter healthcare students are able to sign into Zoom from anywhere in the world and go through a high-fidelity simulation with a live patient. You will choose from Avkin’s extensive library of simulations and schedule times for your students. Simulations can be scheduled one on one or with a variety of learning group sizes. Your simulation faculty will facilitate the simulation with the assistance of Avkin’s education team. If you are ready to move simulations to a virtual platform book a meeting to learn more.

Simulation Offering

Freeze Frame
Group Sizing 6-8

Traditional Simulation:
Group Sizing 2-4


One on One Simulation:
One Student per patient

How it Works



Select your simulation(s) from Avkin’s library



Schedule your students and faculty for their simulation slot



Attend pilot to approve simulation and educate faculty



Login to Zoom with students and start simulation

How Students Felt

felt empowered to make clinical decisions

felt they improved their clinical decision-making skills.

of students felt more confident communicating with a patient

Don't take our word for it

Let Avkin do the heavy lifting. With the Virtual SP Solution, you will have access to live patient interactions over video conference. We will write a new simulation or modify an existing one tailored to your institution’s needs. Using Avkin’s standardized patients saves you time and money.

You will Receive

  • Custom simulations specific to your curriculum
  • Guidelines for clinical/simulation faculty.
  • High quality patients ready for simulation.
  • Feedback from the patients perspective.
  • Happy and engaged students.

Understand the Process