Avkin’s Elite Simulation Package at Towson University

Towson University is the most recent buyer of Avkin’s Elite Simulation Package. This purchase is to support the expansion of hands-on simulation initiatives that come with the opening of their new College of Health Professions Building, opening in Summer of 2024. This state-of-the-art facility is poised to be a beacon of modern education, equipped with … Read more

Simulationists Guide To The Standards of Best Practice

Simulationist's Guide to the Standards of Best Practice with Teresa Gore, Simulation Nation, Avkin Inc.

Teresa Gore PhD, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CHSE-A, FSSH, FAAN from HealthySimulation.com discusses the development of simulation standards of best practice in nursing education. The standards cover various aspects of simulation, including terminology, participant objectives, facilitation methods, debriefing, and evaluation. The standards have been adopted and supported by numerous organizations worldwide. The conversation explores the impact of the … Read more

How Can a Standardized Patient Program Help My Theatre Department?

How Can a Standardized Patient Program help my Theatre Department?

Starting a Standardized Patient Program has a plethora of benefits for your institution’s theater department and the rising student actors that make up your department.  A SP Program helps to justify the cost of the theater program because you now have an interdepartmental program with learning outcomes that are connected to health sciences learning. As … Read more

SIM Summit Makes Its Way to Georgia

Simulation Professionals gather for SIM Summit Atlanta 2024

Simulation education is not just about learning; it’s about evolving and transforming healthcare. As simulation enthusiasts, educators, and healthcare professionals, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance our skills, improve patient outcomes, and revolutionize healthcare training. SIM Summit Atlanta, hosted by Avkin and Emory Nursing Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, brought together simulationists and … Read more

Amy Cowperthwait: Trailblazing Keynote Speaker

In the dynamic realm of healthcare simulation, Amy Cowperthwait CEO, RN, MSN, CNS, CHSE-A emerges as a beacon of inspiration and innovation. With a background rooted in nursing and an unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare education as the CEO of Avkin, Amy stands as a woman in business leading the charge in the simulation industry. … Read more

Avkin’s Most Searched FAQ’s

The most searched questions about Avkin Inc. Answered by the CEO and COO

At Avkin, we’re passionate about revolutionizing healthcare education through our state-of-the-art wearable simulators. We’ve gathered your most burning questions and are here to shed light on what makes Avkin stand out in the field of healthcare simulation. Amy Cowperthwait, CEO, and Amy Erol, COO, sit down to answer Avkin’s most searched frequently asked questions (FAQs). … Read more

Gundersen Health System Welcomes Avbirth to Simulation Center

Avbirth Automated Birthing Simulator

Healthcare education has entered an era of innovation, and Gundersen Health System is at the forefront of this revolution. With the integration of cutting-edge technology like the Avkin AvBirth, the world’s only fully-automated wearable birthing simulator, Gundersen Health is transforming the way students learn and prepare for the intricacies of childbirth and maternal care. Avkin … Read more

Creating a Psychologically Safe Simulation Environment

Creating a psychologically safe simulation enviornment

Psychological safety must be prevalent throughout the entire simulation process. To create a psychologically safe environment in simulation, there is not simply a checkbox that you need to accomplish, but a mindset to have throughout the hiring, training, and performing process. First to be tackled is the concept of Too Close to Home. Too Close … Read more

Avbirth To 1 Million Views

Avbirth Birthing SImulator hit 1 million views

Can the Avbirth birthing simulator hit 1 million views on YouTube? We need your help! Thanks to HealthySimulation.com, our Avbirth demonstration from IMSH 2023 in Orland, Florida, has skyrocketed to over 800,000 views! That means that approximately 800,000 people have been exposed to a high-fidelity birthing simulation. This is hopefully just a drop in the … Read more

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WEBINAR: Enhancing EMS Simulations Integrating OB for Comprehensive Prehospital Care

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Avtrach, a high-fidelity, wearable tracheostomy simulator, is designed to replicate an anterior thorax so tracheostomy care and suctioning can be authentically replicated in simulation. Through a Bluetooth connection between Avtrach and the Avkin app, an assortment of lung sounds can be changed at any time by the educator from the control room. These lungs allow for the Avtrach to be connected to a ventilator and the patient to be in line with suctioning.

Wearable Tracheostomy Simulator

Avwound, a high-fidelity, wearable wound care simulator, is the most significant technological advancement for wound care in the industry. Learners can assess, measure, document, and provide care for all four stages of pressure wounds in addition to an assortment of surgical wounds providing educators with maximum flexibility for wound care education.

Wearable Wound Care Simulator

Meant to replace the need for including bulky ineffective earpieces in simulation, Avband, is a smartwatch look-a-like for inconspicuous 3-way communication between the control room, patient, and Avkin simulators. An alert button on the side of the product allows the live patient to send a panic notification to the control room if they feel psychologically and/or physically unsafe at any time during the simulation.

Simulated Participant Cueing Device

With the world’s only fully-automated, wearable birthing simulator, Avbirth, you can now include learning objectives such as closed-looped communication with an interprofessional team and therapeutic communication with the patient and their significant other through all phases of labor and delivery. Avbirth pairs with the Avkin App, allowing a multitude of simulations to be performed, including additional challenges for the development of critical thinking, such as shoulder dystocia or postpartum hemorrhage.

Simulated Birthing Device

Avcath, a high-fidelity, wearable urinary catheterization simulator, seamlessly replicates the human urinary system. The interchangeable male (circumcised or uncircumcised) and female genitalia allows learners to practice various types of urinary catheterization while also practicing essential communication skills. Our genitalia is made with high-quality silicone, allowing learners to use betadine and lubrication right out of their kits.

Wearable Urinary Catheterization Simulator

Avline, a wearable central line simulator, delivers a high-fidelity patient experience for a multitude of central venous care (CVC) simulations. This innovative simulator has two options for central venous treatment and care, a right subclavian triple lumen or a left subclavian implanted port; each option is removable, allowing the educator flexibility with learning outcomes.

Wearable Central Line Simulator

Avstick, a wearable IV simulator worn as a left-arm sleeve, allows learners to practice high-fidelity IV insertion during simulation. The wearable simulator cues the live patient wearing the sleeve through haptic vibration when the needle first pierces the smart skin. Multiple layers of woven plastic have been integrated into premium silicone to protect the wearer from any harm during the simulation.

Wearable IV Simulator

Avtone, the world’s only wearable auscultation simulator, offers a compact and lightweight design, comfortable for the live patient to wear. An anatomically correct chest piece allows novice and advanced students to identify proper landmarks just as they would in the clinical setting. Volume controls allow learners and educators to pinpoint the finer details of the actual patient recorded sounds contained within the Avtone.

Wearable Auscultation Simulator