Easy App Integration

Paired with the easy-to-use Avkin App, users have full control over heart and lung sounds, allowing for a wide range of learning scenarios.

Lung Sounds

Learners can use their own stethoscopes to listen to multiple anatomically correct lung sounds.

    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Heart Sound

    Learners can use their own stethoscopes to listen for various authentic patient heart sounds.

    Heart & Lung Sound Simulation Redefined

    The only wearable high-fidelity heart and lung simulator on the market. Its compact and lightweight design is comfortable for the live patient to wear, and the anatomically correct chest piece allows students to identify proper landmarks just like they would in the clinical setting. Learners can use their personal stethoscope with no additional attachments to listen and identify an array of realistic heart and lung sounds both anteriorly and posteriorly. The technology in the product allows the educator to control the heart and lung sounds independently for novices or simultaneously for advanced learners. The ability for different volume controls also gives learners and educators the ability to pinpoint the finer details of the actual patient recorded sounds contained within the Avtone.  

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    See the AVTONE in Action

    DISCLAIMER: This content was filmed at the University of Delaware. We would like to thank UD and its students for participating.