Easy App Integration

Paired with the easy-to-use Avkin App, users have full control over heart and lung sounds, allowing for a wide range of learning scenarios.

Lung Sounds

Learners can use their own stethoscopes to listen to multiple anatomically correct lung sounds.

    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Heart Sound

    Learners can use their own stethoscopes to listen for various authentic patient heart sounds.
    Heart & Lung Sound Simulation Redefined
    The Avtone is the best high-fidelity product in the auscultation medical simulation market. Speakers play real patient heart and lung sounds, so learners gain a realistic simulated learning experience. Students use their own stethoscope to identify landmarks and assess standardized patients in real-time. The ability to control the simulator with an IOS/ Android app connected via Bluetooth offers simulation lab leaders the ability to take full advantage of this wearable simulation technology. Additionally, Avtone is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take from the clinic to the classroom and the best alternative to medical manikins.

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