Realistic Suction Experience

Avkin`s antimicrobial, simulated mucus ensures a realistic suctioning experience.

Lung Sounds

Learners can use their own stethoscope to listen to anatomically correct lung sounds.


    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Pressure Sensor

    If too much pressure is applied to the tracheostomy faceplate, the wearer is cued by vibrations on the straps.

    Carina Sensor

    If the suction catheter hits the carina, the patient is cued by vibrations in the straps.

    Tracheostomy Simulation Redefined
    A wearable chest overlay simulator is designed to replicate an anterior thorax so tracheostomy care and suctioning can be authentically replicated in simulation. Learners can listen to the full range of lung sounds using their personal stethoscopes, helping to maintain fidelity throughout the simulation. The assortment of lung sounds can be changed at any time by the educator from the control room via Bluetooth connection to Avkin’s app. The Avtrach was specifically designed to be worn by a live person in simulation. Haptic feedback technology embedded in the device will cue the live patient through vibrations in the straps to cue a realistic patient reaction if the learner (healthcare provider) hits the carina when suctioning mucus. The technology also senses if there is too much pressure applied to the faceplate while removing or inserting the inner cannula. Avtrach comes complete with three different colors (green, yellow, clear) of anti-microbial simulated mucus. 

     Customers have the option to buy an upgraded version of the Avtrach that includes two 500ml simulated lungs that attach to the back of the product. These lungs allow for the Avtrach to be connected to a ventilator and the patient to be in lined with suctioning.

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    Dry runs are critical to simulation success.

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    DISCLAIMER: This content was filmed at the University of Delaware. We would like to thank UD and its students for participating.