Realistic Suction Experience

Antimicrobial mucus ensures a realistic suction experience.

Lung Sounds

Learners can utilize their own stethoscope to listen for a wide range of real patient lung sounds.

    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Pressure Sensor

    If too much pressure is applied to the trachea, the wearer is cued by haptic vibrations in the straps.

    Carina Sensor

    During suctioning, if the carina is hit, then the patient will be cued by haptic vibrations in the strap.

    Tracheostomy Simulation Redefined

    The Avtrach is a fully immersive learning experience designed around a simulated tracheostomy patient. Through utilizing the patented chest overlay system, participants will gain clinical confidence and communications skills during the highest-fidelity learning experience possible for tracheal simulation. Coupled with varying Avkin nursing simulations, the Avtrach allows for early and advanced students to expedite and increase the significance of their learning experience, saving educators time and resources. The Avtrach paired with a human patient combines the best quality wearable technology with the highest fidelity learning opportunities.

    *Can be used with ventilator add-on (ventilator not included)

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    Dry runs are critical to simulation success.

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