When the catheter enters the bladder, the wearer is cued with a haptic vibration in the strap to show relief in real time.


Avkin antimicrobial urine ensures that passageways stay clean and sanitary throughout the lifetime of the product.


    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Bladder Scanner

    Learners are able to bladder scan and receive accurate numbers to palpate the bladder before catheterization.


    The female device wearers are cued with a haptic vibration in the strap when the catheter enters the urethra.

    Catheterization Simulation Redefined

    The Avcath offers the highest-fidelity simulation in medical training for male and female urinary catheterization. The female model has a non-obvious urethra, ensuring proper hand placement during catheter placement. The male model is circumcised or uncircumcised depending on your level of the learner. Each model cues the “patient” to respond to the care being provided. Reinforcing best practices, the Avcath can be bladder scanned, palpated, and betadine and lubricant can be used on this product. In combination with Avkin scenarios and standardized patients, the Avcath provides your catheter solution for high fidelity simulation in nursing education.

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