Avtrach by Avkin Revolutionizes Nursing Education

Avtrach Tracheostomy Simulator

Newport, DE – The Avtrach, a high-fidelity tracheostomy simulator, is now available for hospitals and educational programs. Designed to be worn by a live actor, the Avtrach allows learners to practice the full nursing experience, rather than a skill check on a lifeless manikin. Tracheostomy care is a critical skill for healthcare providers to master. … Read more

Has the Academic-Practice Gap Turned to a Chasm?

It's critical nursing students gain confidence in their ability to perform.

What both academia and practice can do to keep new graduates from tripping over the welcome mat. It is well documented that new graduate nurses experience significant amounts of stress and psychological turmoil as they transition from academic learning to their new professional practice. Greenway, Butt, & Walthall (2019) defines the Theory-Practice Gap as “The … Read more