Pressurized system

This pressurized system mimics intrathoracic pressure ensuring accurate tidaling and fluctuation. You can even mimic an air leak to enhance the learning experience.

Accurate Tidaling

Students can accurately assess their patient’s chest tube by observing the tidaling and fluctuation of the closed chest drainage system.


    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    App Controlled

    Paired with the easy-to-use Avkin App, you have full control over blood flow, air leaks and respiratory rate.

    ReMOVABLE Crepitus

    Optional inserts allow your learners to assess and document their patient’s crepitus during the simulation learning experience.

    Intrathoracic Simulation Redefined

    An alternative to medical manikins and a unique tool for simulation in medical education, the Avthor is the only wearable intrathoracic chest tube for simulation in healthcare education on the market to teach chest tube management and care. With a standardized patient wearing the device during simulation, students will practice the movement of the patient and critical communication skills. In addition to having the ability to hook up to a pleurovac, the Avthor provides the best high-fidelity medical simulation for patient care that includes: tidaling and fluctuation, blood release, air leak, high intrathoracic pressure, and the ability to assess for crepitus. Coupled with the transport simulation unit, the Avthor chest tube simulator can enhance training opportunities with wearable medical technology for any simulation learning experience.

    Using an earpiece devalues your SPs and undermines their abilities.

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