Pressurized system

This pressurized system mimics intrathoracic pressure ensuring accurate tidaling and fluctuation. You can even mimic an air leak to enhance the learning experience.

Accurate Tidaling

Students can accurately assess their patient’s chest tube by observing the tidaling and fluctuation of the closed chest drainage system.


    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    App Controlled

    Paired with the easy-to-use Avkin App, you have full control over blood flow, air leaks and respiratory rate.

    ReMOVABLE Crepitus

    Optional inserts allow your learners to assess and document their patient’s crepitus during the simulation learning experience.

    Intrathoracic Simulation Redefined

    The only wearable simulator that replicates the intrathoracic pressures needed to realistically teach the assessment and care of a patient with a chest tube. When pairing the Avthor with a live patient the simulation can include repositioning, transferring, and/or ambulating a patient with a chest tube. Connect Avthor to Avkin’s easy to clean closed chest drainage system (or use your own) to promote the authentic assessment of tidaling/fluctuation, crepitus and CDS drainage during simulation. The wearable simulator connects to the Avkin app via Bluetooth educators can progress the simulation and challenge critical thinking skills with the release of blood or other body fluids, air leak within the CDS, and fluctuation of the patient’s respiratory rate. Avthor is the only high-fidelity simulator on the market that has all of the features needed to accurately teach chest tube care and maintenance of a patient with a chest tube.

    Using an earpiece devalues your SPs and undermines their abilities.

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    See the AVTHOR in Action

    DISCLAIMER: This content was filmed at the University of Delaware. We would like to thank UD and its students for participating.