Skin Blanching

Learners will have the ability to assess skin integrity and stage pressure injury as they watch the skin turn lighter when they apply pressure before returning to its normal color.

Multiple Wounds

Enhance the learning experience with seven options for pressure injury and surgical wound assessment, care, and documentation.

    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Multiple Anatomic Locations

    The device can be moved to multiple bony prominences based on the learning objectives, including the sacrum, thigh, hip, shoulder, and more.


    An advanced fluidics system powered by the Avkin App will accurately infuse just the right amount of exudate from the actual wound bed giving learners the ability to unpack, clean, and repack wounds authentically.

    Wound Care Management Simulation Redefined

    The Avwound is the greatest technological advancement for wound care in the simulation industry. It is a wearable simulator that can be repositioned to multiple locations on a live patient. Learners can assess, measure, document, and provide care for all four stages of pressure wounds as well as an assortment of surgical wounds providing educators with maximum flexibility for wound care education. Avwound connects to the Avkin app and gives the educator full control of realistic skin blanching, a broad assortment of antimicrobial exudate accurately filling from under the wound bed, and pressure sensors that cue a live patient to respond during any pain during the assessment and care process. 

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    A learner cleans the Avwound simulator.

    Don't take our word for it

    See the AVWOUND in Action

    DISCLAIMER: This content was filmed at the University of Delaware. We would like to thank UD and its students for participating.