Skin Blanching

Learners will have the ability to assess skin integrity and stage pressure injury as they watch the skin turn lighter when they apply pressure before returning to its normal color.

Multiple Wounds

Enhance the learning experience with seven options for pressure injury and surgical wound assessment, care, and documentation.

    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Multiple Anatomic Locations

    The device can be moved to multiple bony prominences based on the learning objectives, including the sacrum, thigh, hip, shoulder, and more.


    An advanced fluidics system powered by the Avkin App will accurately infuse just the right amount of exudate from the actual wound bed giving learners the ability to unpack, clean, and repack wounds authentically.

    Wound Care Management Simulation Redefined

    The Avwound is the latest advancement in wound care simulation and wearable simulation technology. Combined with standardized patients, the realistic skin blanching will give your learners a complete understanding of wound mechanics and how to properly assess and treat infections of wounds. With the ability to adjust the device to multiple locations on the body and practice on all four stages of pressure wounds, learners will be exposed to the broadest possible range of wound care scenarios. 

    When pairing the Avwound with the Avkin App for ease of use, you will have complete control over an advanced fluidics system, which will become apparent as the learner drains the wound and document what they are seeing. The haptic feedback cues the simulated participant to react to the painful experience, offering a true-to-life response to cleaning and repacking wounds. Quite simply, the Avwound is your partner in teaching the empathetic approach to managing wounds at the bedside, providing an experience even the best high-fidelity manikin can’t create.

    A learner cleans the Avwound simulator.

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