Port Access Needle

When the port is accessed by the learner, the wearer will receive a haptic vibration in the strap. The replaceable disc ensures that there will not be any needle marks.


When pressure is applied to the port site, the wearer will receive a haptic vibration in the strap.

    3 Skin Tone Offerings


    Avkin antimicrobial “blood” offers realistic flashback while ensuring that passageways stay clean and sanitary throughout the lifetime of the product.

    Heart Sound

    Learners can utilize their own stethoscope to listen for a wide range of real patient heart sounds.

    Port Infusion Simulation Redefined

    The Avline reimagines the standard of medical simulation training for central venous access. Through pairing the Avline with Avkin simulations, learners will have the ability to practice a range of procedures including: CVC infusion and care as well as port infusion, access, and de-access. Haptic sensors cue the patient to respond when a needle is inserted into the port and pressure is put on the surgical site. With realistic heart sounds, the learner is able to do a full assessment before providing care. The Avline provides the highest fidelity patient experience for central venous education, and when paired with Avkin simulations, allows learners to truly focus on patient-centered care.

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