Haptic Feedback

Learners can practice appropriately coaching the patient during all phases of childbirth. The patient is cued about the onset, intensity, and duration of each contraction with haptic vibrations on the wrist.

Natal Fluids

Facilitators can control the release of natal fluids from the two reusable bags housed within the abdomen.

    3 Skin Tone Offerings

    Pre-Programmed Simulations

    Three pre-programmed simulations have been created so the simulation can be automated and facilitators can focus on the actual simulation experience.

    Birthing Complications

    Avbirth offers the full range of vaginal birth presentations from uncomplicated to OB emergencies like shoulder dystocia.

    Birthing Simulation Redefined

    Avbirth is a wearable simulator packed with all of the technology needed to transform childbirth education from an observation and shadowing experience to a fully immersed, patient care experience. You can now include objectives such as closed-looped communication with an interprofessional team and therapeutic communication with the patient and their significant other through all phases of labor and delivery. Avbirth pairs with the Avkin App to control the release of a variety of natal fluids, haptically cue the wearer during a contraction, progress the labor at the desired rate, and include additional challenges for the development of critical thinking such as shoulder dystocia or postpartum hemorrhage.

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    DISCLAIMER: This content was filmed at the University of Delaware. We would like to thank UD and its students for participating.